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Introduce yourself!

BeitragVerfasst: Mi 7. Aug 2013, 12:49
von som3e
Dont be shy! ;)

Re: Introduce yourself!

BeitragVerfasst: Fr 30. Aug 2013, 01:51
von RyanPierce
I'm Ryan from Chicago. My partner Elizabeth and I were very fortunate to spend 3 days in the Zone this past June. Of course I'm now hopelessly addicted. You'd think one wouldn't feel homesick for a radioactive wasteland, but no.... And Elizabeth is now speaking about going back in terms of "when" not "if".

Re: Introduce yourself!

BeitragVerfasst: Di 10. Sep 2013, 12:31
von baskeheurs

My name is Bas. 33 years old.
I live in Belgium. About 7-8km's from Doel NPP
In 1999 I did a work for school about Doel NPP and a smal bit on the Chernobyl BWR type reactor.

So those 2 parts made me say: I wan't to see chernobyl sometime...then time passed:work/wife/house/kids/...

Now time is here. Next year I go to visit the zone.(tickets and hotel allready booked) As I want to see the original sarcophagus as like i remebered that from when I was small.

I also had the chance of visiting Doel NPP when it was shut down for maintenance. So the interest has always been there.

My visit is for learning,experiencing not the typical I've been there visit.

Kind regards,