Beitrag Do 22. Sep 2016, 13:16

Hello, everyone :)

I just wanted to introduce myself shortly...

my Name is Piotr (Peter), i am 34 years old, i live in Germany. SInce i can think i am fascinated about the Zone and everything about it.
My first trip to pripyat was this year in june, i really loved it and i am sure that i will come back for more. At least in Spring 2017 i will again stalk the Zone :)

I hope that i am a good adition to the Forum, i have had several geiger Counters and Dosimeters, actual i have a Radex One, a Müller Lehrtechnik MR9500 Proportional Counter, a Soeks 01M2 and a Polimaster 1621a is on the way to me :)

Greetings from Germany!